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HAT is still down fully recovered

All sorted out now. Original post below.
And may be for a while yet. From my hosting service:

At approx midnight Saturday (NSW time) a fire and subsequent explosion occurred in a Data Centre that houses one of ********** servers. None of the servers, including ours, housed in the data centre were damaged

Apparently an electrical gear shorted, creating an explosion and fire that knocked down three walls surrounding the electrical equipment room. Thankfully, no one was injured. In addition, no customer servers were damaged or lost.

The data centre team have been allowed into the building to physically inspect the damage. Early indications are that the short was in a high-volume wire conduit. We were not allowed to activate our backup generator plan based on instructions from the fire department.

The latest indication that our server should come back on line about lunch time Monday. However this is assuming everything goes to plan.

And here's the related news story my server apparently lives in Houston, Texas with 9000 others. The company's support forums are slow because it's been slashdotted now.


The main site is down

The poor old webhost is trying to chase a gremlin that's bollixing the server for the "new" (nearly two years now) Hoydenspace - Hoyden About Town (unhyphenated).

As it's raining here, I'm going to take the chance to update the blog here a bit, so that people who get sent here will see RSS of the latest posts over there, etc. The sidebar might look just a little odd until I get that sorted.


Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog

called Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog.

Revived after a long period of neglect. It's a links round-up blog of existing articles/posts/essays on the simpler side of feminist theories, and is meant to be a general resource for the fem-blog community, with occasional announcements/activism alerts as well.

Yes, I am looking for co-bloggers there if anyone is interested in coming on board.


Jill Filipovic and internet searches

Jill Filipovic, who blogs at Feministe and Ms. JD, is a NYU law student who has been the subject of cyber-obsession on a discussion board allegedly populated by law students. The discussions regarding Jill Filipovic (and many other female law students) are sexist and sexual in nature, rating the women's physical attractiveness and fantasising about sexual contact, both consensual and non-consensual. Neither Jill Filipovic or any other of these women contributed, or gave their permission to be discussed, to the discussion board in question.

Jill Filopovic's name and class routines etc have been regularly posted to this board, and at least one of the pseudonymous board-members claims to be Jill Filipovic's classmate. Photos that Jill Filipovic posted (with full rights reserved) to an interent photo-storing and sharing site have also been posted to the sleazy discussion board without her permission. This is a horrendous invasion of Jill Filipovic's privacy, a violation of copyright law, and calls the ethics and character of the alleged law-students participating in these discussions on the discussion board into question.

A major side-effect of an already nasty situation is that the sexist, objectifying cyber-obsession threads come up on the first page of internet search results on Jill Filipovic's name. To an inexperienced user of the internet, it may even look as if Jill Filipovic and other female law students chose to compete in these Hot or Not rating competitions, instead of having their pictures posted without permission.

This post is an attempt to balance those internet results to point to the significant writings of Jill Filipovic instead, using the Googlebomb tactic and also linking this post to social networking sites (eg. del.ici.ous, Stumbleupon). Please feel free to copy any or all of what I've written here to your own blog in order to help change the top-ranked search engine results for Jill Filipovic. If you don't have your own blog then please at least link to this post at your preferred social networking site and give it the tag "Filipovic" (as well as any others you think appropriate).

I have linked to these sites in this post:
Jill Filipovic's bio page at Feministe
Jill Filipovic's blog posts at the Ms. JD blog
Jill Filipovic's article about these scummy lawschool sleazebags at Feministe
Jill Filipovic's article at Ms. JD: When Law Student's Attack

If any of the other female law students stalked by the same sleazy site wish to copy this text with names altered, you hereby have my full permission to do so. All other rights reserved.
(C) 2007 tigtog


Oh dear

I knew I should have installed that handy-dandy "BackUp on Demand" plugin for my new blogspace on the weekend.

However, I was busy tweaking the CSS for new Oz sports blog Sidelined instead, so I didn't do it. Now my domain is down entirely, so I hope my webhost's backup is working OK for when they get the site back up.

UPDATE: the webhosts have come through and the new Hoyden is back up and running.


OK, that's a wrap

The new digs seem to be working, so it is now officially time to update your bookmarks. is the URL of the new Hoyden About Town (note no more hyphenating)

From time to time posts may appear here if something happens to my webhost, but otherwise that's it.

Seeya over there, folks.

P.S. for anyone so moved, comments on all archived posts here remain open and I will still receive an email alert so that I can respond. And as Vicki reminded me, RSS details for the new blog are in the comments below.