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tigtog now posts at the new and improved Hoyden About Town. She also blogs at Larvatus Prodeo and Finally A Feminism 101 Blog. If the new Hoydenspace is down you should find updates below.

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Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog

called Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog.

Revived after a long period of neglect. It's a links round-up blog of existing articles/posts/essays on the simpler side of feminist theories, and is meant to be a general resource for the fem-blog community, with occasional announcements/activism alerts as well.

Yes, I am looking for co-bloggers there if anyone is interested in coming on board.


Marya said...

Thank you for the Feminism 101 blog. I feel its so very necessary.

tigtog said...

Thanks Marya!

Sorry to be so slow responding, but this blog isn't mailing me comments anymore. I'll have to check the settings.

There's an open suggestion thread there now, so please head on over if you've got some ideas.