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Generalising about generalisations

Question from my lovely son:

LS: What do people mean when they say you can never have enough of a good thing, and then someone else says yes you can?
Me: [attempt to explain generalisations, and on the above use the icecream example]

I think I need to work on some more generalisations to get the idea properly across.

Best/worst examples?


Vicki said...

Laura suggests the story of King Midas.

Or, she suggests that playing soccer for a couple of hours is terrific fun and good for you, but play it for 20 hours straight and you'll be a hurtin' puppy, even if you like soccer.

Lara said...

Replace "soccer" with "sex."

Erm, or not, whatever works for you.

tigtog said...

I don't think he's quite old enough to make jokes about sex. And my daughter is even worse: she just goes "ewwww" whenever anything is implied on telly about people having sex.

This won't last much longer, I know.