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Growing Up

My boychild just went off to his Year 6 Farewell Formal i.e. the boys wear a collared smart casual shirt (this is Oztraya after all), and the girls wear heels, makeup, buy a new dress and have their hair done - I did put a dob of gel in his hair. We're not allowed to go and pick him up until 9pm. He has been threatened with dancing.

UPDATE: picture removed now those who I wanted to see it have done so.


Becca said...

Lovely picture. What is that emblem on the shirt? It looks like a ghost running in flames.

tigtog said...

It's the brand name surrounded by flames - Radical Boyz.

Gareth has seriously been Not Into button up shirts since he was big enough to convincingly refuse to wear them. Not only did I get no objections about buying this for the event but he was happy with the look.

He also only wears cotton next to his skin, therefore the T-shirt underneath the shirt,which had scratchy inseams.