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tigtog now posts at the new and improved Hoyden About Town. She also blogs at Larvatus Prodeo and Finally A Feminism 101 Blog. If the new Hoydenspace is down you should find updates below.

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If you can't successfully register as a commentor or manage to post a comment on the current site for Hoyden About Town, please leave a message here to tell me about it.

NB October 2009: this post has been updated to reflect the new URL for the blog - - please update your bookmarks accordingly. We've switched all the feeds over to Feedburner as well, so please update your RSS subscriptions too.


Stitch Sista said...

I have had troubles leaving a comment at the new site. In the end it just became too hard :(.

tigtog said...

That's a shame. Not even OpenID worked for you using your blogspot ID?

Stitch Sista said...

Well I'm pretty sure when I tried, I just never ended up with the comment window.

I'll give it another red hot go and explain exactly what happens.

Gina said...

I commented but then the site won't come back up - hope I didn't break it - eek. Says some error about bandwith being exceeded?

tigtog said...

HI Gina - yes, my fault entirely, I've been ill and monitoring the bandwidth fell through the cracks. It should be sorted out in a few hours when I can talk to my web host's accounts person - tech support can't do anything until I talk to accounts (boo).

Anonymous said...

phew, glad it wasn't me who buggered it up. Hope you are on the mend.