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Pooftas, we don't let our sons grow up to be Gayboys

"Maybe there are some (gay cowboys) out there but I've never heard of 'em," he said.

"I mean, it's not a profession that attracts those sort of people."
So says Bob "mad as a" Katter, Federal MP for the Kennedy electorate in North Queensland, where the townships of Townsville and Rockhampton have banned screenings of the film Brokeback Mountain, this year's controversial film about cowboys in love in the American high country.

Townsville is, amusingly, home to the NRL rugby league team the Cowboys. Team management appears concerned that one film about gay cowboys will alienate their fanbase, because Queenslanders are just that easily led.

Less amusingly, banning a film about the homophobic 1960's USA shows they're doing the timewarp again in homophobic 2000's Queensland.Of course, outside the timewarp gay-activists note that Bob Katter is talking out of his arse.

"We have a strong western influence up this way in our gay community," Townsville-based Colin Edwards told Channel 10.

"We have gay property owners, jackaroos, jillaroos. They really do exist and they really do fall in love."

Poor Bob. How dare these people wander around not even swishing their hips as much as John Wayne? They oughta be branded, obviously, so Bob can avoid "those sort of people".


Eeminy said...

Politics aside, I'm getting a particular kick out of the fact that Katter seems to be objecting to (and therefore banning) the film because of its lack of realism.

Huh. I wonder what he thinks of the new Narnia movie?

tigtog said...

My favourite breakfast TV show made the same point actually: "There may be this Narnia beyond the wardrobe, but I've never met a talking lion."

Given the documented fact that an organisation exists in the USA for Gay Rodeo Cowboys, perhaps Katter is just going in for some good old-fashioned Yank-bashing, on the grounds that none of our cowboys are wooftas, yahboosucks.

Mentis Fugit said...

North Quinesland - home of the six-fingered didgeridoo player...

(And aren't we good, not making mock of the name of the state in this context?)