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417 - this is sport?

There's a lot that can be said about the Cheney shooting incident, but this is the one point that just keeps on making me say "huh?"

The quail that Cheney's party were shooting were pen raised, with no natural survival instincts from people (after all, they'd been fed by people every day). Of 500 birds released for Cheney's party, they shot 417 plus one lawyer. Makes you wonder if even one bird was likely to get away if Deadeye Dick hadn't been so rudely interrupted.

Sport hunting is when you go out with your gun with a good chance that you'll come back with nothing. 417 birds from 500 isn't sport, it's slaughter on a par with shooting fish in a barrel.

But of course, clearing all obstacles from the course for some but not others is the neocon notion of "achievement".


Paul Tomblin said...

Don't confuse "canned hunts" like this with hunting. It's nothing of the sort - it's skeet shooting with live targets.

Vicki said...

If it's the killing that you enjoy, rather than the stalking and outwitting the wily game in his own environment (although shooting with a camera after outwitting the wily game seems humiliating enough), then a canned shoot is just the thing.

At least it's quail. People do this to old zoo rhinos.

tigtog said...

What bloody zoo lets hunters blaze away at their old rhinos? Fuckers.

Anonymous said...

The way I understand it, the zoos don't do it. They sell their old animals to brokers who make promises and then sell them to hunt promoters.

I've also heard tell of drugging before being staked out to be "stalked."

But I have no confirmation of any of it.

Vicki said...

Oops. That was me. I didn't see a name field.