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I can't be fucking HL Mencken-meets-Germaine Greer every goddam day, you know.
This is merely one example of the word-wrangling skills of the inimitable Twisty Faster, a reminder that Texas has more to offer than just the distinction of being the state the Bush family chose for bagging their carpet.

Shakespeare's Sister has a short, sharp post up on why she's a feminist, and an unrepentantly humourless one at times.

Feministe has a long, long comments thread on the choice of either keeping your birth-surname or adopting your husband's surname on marriage.

And most of them have articles noting the passingof Betty Friedan. Her book was the second feminist book I ever read, Germaine Greer being the first. There's no justice in the world that Phyllis Schafly survives to belittle Friedan's legacy.

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