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This Fri night on Channel 7, Robbie Coltrane is back as Fitz after 10 years, and Jimmy McGovern is back writing it after 12 years.

For some reason, Australia's getting the world premiere.

Set those VCRs, everybody.


Ron said...

How did it end up on Ch7? Just a few weeks ago the ABC was showing old episodes as a lead up to the new series.

tigtog said...

There isn't a new series yet, just this one-off episode. Perhaps Auntie was just dusting the old episodes off for the winter while she's still got the repeat rights.

There are unconfirmed reports that Coltrane and McGovern enjoyed themselves so much that there could be a full new series next year, but they're playing coy.

Ch7 has built up a fairly loyal Britcrime following with their showings of Touch of Frost and others, so they know it will rate, and probably just threw more cash at Granada than Auntie can afford.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the heads-up! I wouldn't miss it.

Ron said...

I did find those repeats on the ABC a few weeks ago to be a tad dated. It's amazing how much 'slicker' TV (and film) techniques have become over the last ten years.

Ron said...

(Doncha just hate it when Blogger decides to cough and splutter after clicking the 'login and publish' button, and you have to try and remember what you typed so you can do it all over again?)

tigtog said...

Yeah. I'm thinking of moving to a better blog-platform eventually.

I think the move towards more hand-held camera work and natural lighting has given a more immediate and intense feel to a lot of recent film/TV, and older film now looks more posed and stark by comparison. Thanks, iconoclastic Scandinavian filmmakers!

Zoe said...


tigtog said...

Glad to be of help, Zoe.

We're taping it so we can watch it without ads (take that, commercial broadcasting profit model!) so I've watched Wire in the Blood on Auntie (better this week than last week, although they telegraphed the villain towards the end a bit more than McDiarmid's plotting would have done, and didn't provide a strong enough explanation of the villain's motivation/method. Tchah.

Robson Greene still fabbo though, and I like the new Scottish DI he's working with.

Ron said...

Dr Hill can put his shoes under my bed anytime.

The thing that really jarred me about last night's Wire was the interview room in the hospital. Would you really have stark white walls with a black and white checkerboard floor - a combination guaranteed to send anyone on an LSD-type trip? And what about the glass table? This room was so different to the other hospital scenes - dark corridors, peeling paint: typical Hammer Films stuff.

Now I can forward to watching my tape of Cracker this weekend.

tigtog said...

You'll have to fight off half the world, Ron. Did you catch the comedy-drama he did about rocketry? Having lived in Old South Wales, it was a beautifully written piece, and it must have been a nice change of pace for him.

I commented to mr tog on the interview room too. It seemed almost some sort of homage (in long shot) to the big white room where Dave Bowman sits after going through the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, but I've got no idea what that imagery could be supposed to mean in terms of last night's show.

Crystal said...

Oh Robson fans!
He has made me drool since the series where he was a doctor having an affair with the Head Surgeon's wife; HS played by Michael Kitchen (Foyle's War) and while they were (not) fighting in the garden pond he screamed at the H.Surgeon "I'll break your fingers!" - ha ha haaaa

and Robbie Coltrane is a Living Monument and has been in all the best things.

XXX Crystal (Brownie's evil twin).