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My new project - post the first

No, I'm not opening my own little shop full of simply just gorgeous things.

I've long been envious of Lucy Tartan's ongoing blog-project, where she photographs the outdoor sculptures of Melbourne and discourses critically thereupon. I thought "now, there's a bit of all right" and "how can I shamelessly get myself a gig like that?". Except I didn't want it to be anything I had to think about too hard.

Then I saw this, so the theme has chosen itself. The graffiti of Sydney, as various pieces catch my eye, for whatever reason.

Obviously, for the piece above, artistic merit has no part in it at all.

It nonetheless intrigued me: is it just a sniggering adolescent stunt from someone who was forced to watch too much Dick Emery and Benny Hill when young and impressionable?

Is it stinging social commentary on the inherently bourgeois nature of street-front art galleries, and the pretensions contained therein?

Or is it just a tart summation of this particular shop, which does look rather isolated and squalid as one climbs the hill from Central Station towards Cleveland Street? As you can see, the shop's own sign-writing has obviously been a Dodgy Brothers job, and the even more crudely rendered F in the contrasting colour emphasises this vividly.

Enough arty-farty bollocks. For now.


Don Quixote said...

Figure this one out:

There is a stencil that reads: "this little stencil is a slow handclap for the tabloid tories"

cristy said...

I like your project. There is some fascinating graffiti around Sydney.

I look forward to future instalments.

tigtog said...

DQ: no, I don't get that one either!

Cristy: it should keep me alert as I go about town, and I've always got the camera in my bag/backpack.

Speaking of which, I added up the value of the electronic impedimenta I and many others routinely carry around these days, and what with phones, iPods, cameras and PDAs the figure is quite scary. A bitch to replace it all if some nefarious soul grabbed one's bag.

Morgan said...

You've a Flickr account to be uploading all this graffiti to, as well. There are several groups devoted to the subject.

tigtog said...

Yes, I've been neglecting Flickr shamefully!

I'll have a noodle around there and see what they've already got, too.