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Look at this tree

Seems rather attractive doesn't it? Harmless? Innocent even?

Don't you believe it.

A close relative of this tree has been working fiendishly for several years now to lever up one of the large concrete slabs that makes up my driveway.

Today its nefarious scheme bore fruit, so to speak. As I was minding my own non-tree-related business, washing down the rear window of the togmobile before sallying forth, this tree's patsy, the concrete slab raised more than 5cm above the one adjacent, tripped me over!

I swear I heard a sussurative snigger. When I uprighted myself, I knew what had to be done.

Dear reader, I kicked it right in the damn trunk. Exactly where I'm going to drill the holes for the poison.


Don Quixote said...

Don't poison the tree! Hug it!! There has to be a way for us all to get along with nature.

tigtog said...

But Don Q, this jacaranda is evil!

I've planted lots of other trees, I've even got another non-evil jacaranda, I just planted ths one too close to the concrete slabs. It's overshadowing my shrubs too much in summer too.

I think its time has come.

Lexcen said...

No no no no, not the Jacaranda.