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Links post: authoritarian childrearing and exodus

There's some very interesting writing on the religious-authoritarian worldview around at the moment. Authoritarian childrearing practices such as those recommended and followed by many religious groups are an ancient tradition, and in certain societies add materially to survival prospects. But is authoritarian childrearing a successful strategy for producing adults capable of achieving what they want in our modern society?

Coturnix, guest-blogging at Echidne of the Snakes, offers a round-up of the latest research (follow the links in his post) regarding authoritarian childrearing, how it instils a worldview of extreme competitiveness, suspicion and isolationism, and what that means for attitudes towards sex, gender and the institution of marriage.
Coturnix on Politics, part I - an overview

Sara Robinson, an ex-fundamentalist, is guest-blogging at Orcinus on the authoritarian personality, its impact on people belonging to such groups, and how people who come to leave fundamentalism find the motivation and courage to do so.
Cracks In The Wall, Part I: Defining the Authoritarian Personality
Cracks In The Wall, Part II: Listening to the Leavers

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Lara said...

I managed to read all the way through the Pearls' book once, just through sheer force of will.
I think I'll let it speak for itself.

tigtog said...

Thanks for reminding me of that, Lauredhel. I find the most disturbing part of that is finding tiny nuggets of wisdom sparkling forlornly amongst the dross of methodically instilling fear into one's children and calling their paranoid subjection a joyful, loving family.