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Best wishes for Barista

David Tiley of Barista is recovering from surgery. There were apparently some minor complications and his stay will be longer than expected, so his break from blogging will also be extended.

Drop by his blog and say something nice, eh? And/or leave him an interesting hungry-mind link to follow when he's up to it.


Helen said...

I wish his friend Sophie would leave another update - I'm starting to worry.

David's my blogfather. Back in the day when I started blogging he was one of my first commenters, and he was so nice. After a year or so he emailed me to say I had a brand spankin' new blog address with Typepad waiting for me, courtesy of him and Sam of MySpinach. For nothing. For nix. Just because he liked my blog. He always lifts the bar re. civil discussion when he posts comments on other blogs.

Bad things happening to good people seems to be the order of the day at the moment.

tigtog said...

I've become concerned too. I check in every couple of days hoping for an update. I hope he's recuperating well even if slowly.