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Ooh, what a beauty!

Hat-tip to Crikey's Blogwatch.


The Art Life said...

Hello and thanks for the link! Just one question - what is a 'fisk'?

tigtog said...

Fisking Central FAQ

It was originally coined derisively with respect to Robert Fisk, but despite my fondness for the term I personally quite admire the man.

The Art Life said...

Yes, thanks, but what does it MEAN???

tigtog said...

The Fisking Central FAQ link above does take some time to get to a decent description, I agree. Here's mine - a line-by-line/'graph-by-'graph snark attack smackdown of a piece of writing.

Your conceit of treating it as an essay assignment red-pen session was what set it apart.

BTW - your blog was discussed in great and approving detail on ABCRadio702 the other day - you're hitting a few arty nerves, obviously. Well done.