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Fundraising for Medecins sans Frontieres

Mark Bahnisch of Larvatus Prodeo had a great idea - since one of our commentors there had issued a comments challenge that if met would net the LP collective $1000 for our running costs (and the commenters came to the party and kkkkkkk cheerfully coughed up), it was time to shamelessly run with that idea for an even better cause - the quietly efficient and ubiquitous NGO Medecins Sans Frontieres (aka Doctors Without Borders) and their ongoing efforts to save lives and limbs in places subject to war, disease and famine all around the world.

Mark, Kim and I are going to jointly donate up to $500 to MSF - $2 for each comment up to 250 comments on the thread Mark's just started - Darfur and the LP MSF Comments Challenge. The comments have to be substantive as per Mark's posted rules, not just "count me in" posts.

Come on over, leave a comment and help us help MSF help out.

UPDATE: we reached the comment target, with help from j_p_z's sub-challenge (see comments to this post) so we raised A$500 from us, US$500 from j_p_z, A$100 from Shaun, and another $250 from j_p_z and cal - over $1350 (haven't bothered doing the conversion from US$).

A big thank you to everyone who read this and headed over to LP to take part.


alice said...

Now I don't know whether to do my upcoming MSF donation through this challenge or through Knitters Without Borders. I guess the simple answer is to do both.

tigtog said...

Ooh, do pop on over and leave a comment. Pimp KWB as much as you like.

tigtog said...

One of LP's 'murrican commenters has a sub-challenge that will count towards our comments and raise more money - he'll pop $25 into MSF's pot for every comment that summarises a well-known movie plot in 5 grammatically correct sentences of 5 words each,and he'll pop a $50 Howard Hughes Crackpot Memorial donation in the pot for anyone who can do that for Ice Station Zebra.

Details of his rules here.

So if that kind of game is one you're good at, off you go!