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Someone in Friendswood, TX, is asking the web an important question

Friendswood, Texas, is the town adjacent to which Ellington Field, the joint civil/military airport servicing Houston, is situated.

Someone from there came to my blog with the Google search string "am i a prophet".

Mr President, I'm sorry to say that no, I really don't think so. I think someone nasty might have been telling you stories to trick you, and make you do mean things. I think you should have a good long hard think about who around you is nasty and who around you is nice. Perhaps the nasty people around you have a noted resemblance to certain Dark Lords of the Sith? Perhaps you should fire them.

Now, don't show this to anybody. Particularly not Mummy, because I'm afraid she's very nasty indeed. Just go sit down quietly while the nice Secret Service people are doing whatever they need to do with organising AirForce One or the motorcade, alright? Don't sign anything. Please, really, not anything. Not until you've cleared your Cabinet of the Sith Lords and their minions in your advisory offices. Then I think you should have a long chat with Colin Powell about what to do next.

I know this is a big thing to think about, but try and enjoy your weekend at the ranch anyway.

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