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Happy Solstice!

Solstice at Stonehenge - picture from here.

So, who does the whole Xmas in July thing, eh?


alice said...

I have an old friend whose birthday is Dec 25. He celebrates it June 25, but Christmas stays in December.

I've actually never heard of a Christmas in July thing. But, of course, I don't pay all that much attention to Christmas in December, either.

jim said...

s'not xmas in july! it's the summer solstice! the clue is in the name!

tigtog said...

Oh, you borealonormativists! :)

No, Xmas in July is an antipodean thing. It's too hot in December to enjoy the traditional hot English Xmas dinner with turkey, plum pudding etc (though all our Mums used to dutifully crank it out and make the whole house hot every year) - nearly all of us have a big seafood spread instead now, or a gourmet BBQ (or both).

But the romance of a Dickensian blow-out still draws us, so various resorts/restaurants, particularly in the mountain areas, offer Xmas in July dinners on weekends. They're very popular, although I think the ones that actually put a Santa on to give trinkets to the kiddies take it too far.

kate said...

Thanks for the Christmas birthday move idea! My nipper is due on Christmas Day. A friend's dad has his birthday on Christmas Day, so his family celebrate Christmas from brekkie til 5pm, and Lloyd's Birthday thereafter.

June isn't much of an alternative for our kid as they would be competing in the birthday stakes with several of their nearest and dearest (including me)