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Happy Birthday Mr Tog

Today my darling added another digit to the figure he puts in certain boxes on certain forms.

He's busy all day today with churchy stuff (he goes, I don't, yes it used to be weird, now it's no big deal), as today is one of their Winter Concerts, for which I made a crockpot of my hugely popular Fragrant Sour & Spicy Thai Soup for the after-concert supper, so yesterday we went for his birthday outing.

Porgy and Bess, oh yes. I knew all the famous Gershwin songs, of course, but otherwise knew nothing of the story. I expected operatic tragedy would strike, but not that it would be so dark nor that the life of the Gullah-speaking people of the Atlantic coast would be so unsentimentally portrayed. It's a real slice-of-1930s-life drama, totally unlike the more sentimental Showboaty thing I was sort of expecting. It's so much better for being dark and disturbing.

If you possibly can go, do. Beautiful, beautiful voices and the orchestra is so smooth. It's in Sydney only for a few more days, and then continues its Australian tour. Dates for the tour are here.


Vicki said...

He added another digit? Golly. Either you robbed the cradle (literally) or he's really spry for an old guy!

Happy Birthday to him, either way!

tigtog said...

ohnoesohwoes, I have revealed my lack of arithmetical couth on Teh Intarwebs.

"increased the magnitude of the figure" just doesn't sing, you know.

Mentis Fugit said...

"Incremented the most significant digit" is just too unweildy.

morgan said...

A belated happy birthday to me, and I hope all your digits are intact.

morgan said...

um, that should be "from me", not to me... I'm ahead of myself. Preparations are on my mind. How embarrassing.

tigtog said...

So, when's your birthday, Morgan?