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Cate does a Hedda in Brooklyn

I know I have a few folks in NYC and environs who drop by, so here's an entertainment plug: go and see Cate Blanchett in the Sydney Theatre Company's production of Ibsen's Hedda Gabler at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theater. Blanchett and Hugo Weaving got a standing ovation last night, and it's not just some sort of applauding the singing pig phenomenon - they both have a long history of stage work here in Oz and are both excellent.

One of my fondest theatre memories in Sydney is seeing her as Nina in Chekhov's Seagull, opposite a mesmerisingly seductive Richard Roxburgh and an all-too-obviously-a-film-actor Noah Taylor (I wanted a telephoto lens on him - you could see that he was doing stuff that would have been superb in closeup, but was lost in the theatre). Blanchett and Roxburgh were superb, and I was so chuffed to see her get the role in Elizabeth the next year.

You'll have to hurry though - apparently 90% of the tickets for the four-week run are already sold. For a more antipodean perspective, yesterday's SMH article.

Starspotting trivia: Hugo Weaving is the star I seem to see most often out and about in Sydney - shopping with tiny daughters in fairy costumes at IKEA, dropping someone off at the country trains platform at Central Station etc. I also see quite a lot of Murray the Red Wiggle, just shopping and eating out at the family-friendly pub restaurant locally. The tiny Mrs Russell Crowe, Danielle Spencer, seems to like to push her enormous baby around the places I like to take walks. And that's it these days (years ago I saw Mel Gibson's piercing blue eyes and Sly Stallone's cuban heels wander by, but they weren't together or anything, so that's a bit boring).

UPDATE: Sorry, the show's now sold out. Ring anyway - they might extend the season.


Kevin T. Keith said...

If you can't get tickets to the Catefest, you can go across the river and see the same play staged with life-size robots in Lower Manhattan.

tigtog said...

Heddatron, yeah? Did you see it, Kevin?