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Lies about cheese crucial to War on Terror

This is an old story from 2004, but let's lay it out for those that missed it last time, as Firedoglake reminds us that this man has a habit, and he can't seem to kick it. George Bush can't even be honest about cheese -- what a wanker.

All Hat No Cattle, the shortest six-footer in Texas.

There is a huge elephant in the room for the American right - the honesty of the Bush administration, and even if one accepts that Cheney/Rove/Ashcroft are the main manipulators, there has been huge doubt cast on the honesty of GWB himself. Yet Bush voters still argue that he is personally honest, and that if he has lied it has only been in pursuit of higher, nobler goals.

It has been hard for some reason for the media to engage Bush's big lies, thus the hysterical reaction to the Cheney shooting scandal last month: if the voters won't look at the big lies and doubt Bushco, maybe pointing out the little everyday lies will hammer the dishonesties home.

After all, shooting accidents happen. Being an unsafe shooter is only a social faux pas as long as nobody dies. But refusing to undergo a transparent investigation process that anyone else has to undergo is bad form for an elected official, and that pattern of opaque governance totally contrary to the spirit of the Constitution is worth highlighting even when the underlying incident is trivial in comparison to torture, civilian carnage in Iraq and the rollback of civil liberties at home.

Think about it, anybody who still has any trust for George Bush. John Kerry did a trivial thing that could be spun as elitist and so it was. W didn't have purist working class tastes himself for the trivial matter in question, but he did a photo-op and lied that his favourite cheese was the same as the working Joe in Philly's favourite cheese. The man doesn't have the basic integrity to refrain from lying about what sort of cheese he likes on his steak.

What higher purpose did that serve? Was that a crucial lie that had to be reluctantly told in order to win the election and save America from the nasty liberals? Or was it just a self-serving lie that he told because he could, contemptuous of the people he was telling it to, pretending to be one of them when he is a hypocritical child of privilege with no honesty at all.

Why would anyone think GWB would show more integrity about matters more intimately involved with wealth and power?

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