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Weekend Wining

Pinot Gris. Cold-climate Pinot Gris from the Victorian Highlands.

We have drunk half the case before I paired it with the proper meal to not overpower it. Do not drink this wine with spicy foods, it swamps the delicate bouquet and front-palate, making it appear to be merely an unobjectionable quaffing wine instead of a drop worth savouring.

I made chicken-breast with spinach and mushroom in filo pastry, accompanied by julienned vegetables sauted in olive oil and garlic then tossed with roast capsicum salad dressing on a bed of baby rocket and spinach leaves.

When finished with my meal, I still had half a glass of deliciousness left, and on a
hunch I made some toast and dug out the half-jar of caviar (well, lumpfish roe) leftover from lunch. Yes, this Pinot Gris is a perfect accompaniment for the salty fishy succulence. Yum.
GRUMBLE: this post was going to have droolicious pics of plonk and fisheggs, but Blogger isn't letting me upload images. Phooey.

UNPHOOEY: Blogger has relented.

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