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Damn, should have taken the kids to the beach yesterday

Not to swim, though. Just to look at the big, huge swell that came around Sydney beaches due to a concentrated low pressure zone further south. And at the mad bastards out riding it.

SMH Photo: Dallas Kilponen

A photo gallery of yesterday's big waves


Do'C said...

I can't pass up the opportunity to comment on a surf photo (after all, I was myself a goofy-foot back in the day, and can appreciate a wide open frontside big wave - of course the biggest I had the nerve for was 5-6ft. in Southern California and I was much younger). Killer surf!

tigtog said...

Our surf is usually much more moderate, DoC. We get good surf, but not scary surf, as an everyday thing. This surf is becoming a bit more common with weather disturbances, but it's still a spectacular occasion.