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single occupancy cell...natural light....access to group areas

That could mean Hicks is in cells like this with other inmates nearby that he can talk to:

And that he gets his 30 minutes daily exercise like this with other inmates nearby that he can talk to:

Those are the images that the US govt and AG Ruddock want to come to our minds with those words.

But Hicks' US military lawyer Maj Mori says the authorities are playing a game of semantics.

Access to group exercise facilities:

Single occupancy cells with natural light:

How about some non-obfuscatory language, Mr Ruddock?

Does David Hicks have group contact with other inmates or not?

If he doesn't, then how is that not solitary confinement aka isolation?

If he's being held in solitary confinement, how does that not constitute the US breaking the agreement they made with Australia two years ago that Hicks would not be held in isolation?

Why should Australians trust a government that won't stand up for its citizens' rights to due judicial process?

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