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Day-After-Friday Random 10 - "Holy Fuck I'm the mother of a teenager" edition

I'm sure it was only yesterday he was riding a trike around with his little sister in the pillion seat.

I think I'm now officially middle-aged.

Egypt - Mental As Anything
Gonna Run U Over - Coda
Tupelo - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
I Can Make You a Man (Reprise) - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Think - Aretha Franklin
Air a Danser - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Once I Had a Love - Blondie
Lucky 7 -Coda
Like Soldiers Do - Billy Bragg
Time After Time - Tuck & Patti

Finally got a random 10 with some Aussie content! Coda are a classical-folk-punk fusion band here in Sydney, and the Mentals had their biggest hits in the 80s but are still going strong.

Tuck & Patti's cover of Time after Time is fantastic - Patti has a rich smoky smooth voice which gives the song an entirely different mood, and Tuck'g guitar is his own personal blend of jazz-classical with a touch of fingerpicking licks. This ties in with a great post on cover-songs by Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon and crossposted at Michael Berube's, with covers you've never heard coming out of the woodwork on both threads.

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