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Tangled Bank #54 is up

The fortnightly carnival of science-blogging is on again, hosted by Coturnix (who is shortly joining the Seed lords at Scienceblogs) over at Science and Politics: Tangled Bank #54

The Tangled Bank

This time around I'm chuffed both that a post of mine has been included ( Fetal Brain Development: Myths and Disinformation) , and that a long-time e-friend of mine, Diane Kelly at Zygote Games, has also had a post included: look out for her post on Lyme Disease vectors.

Three of my favourite science-bloggers, PZ Myers, Grrrlscientist and Orac also have posts up in #54, but there's lots of new science-writing talent to explore - some like me only dip their toes in science writing every now and then, for others science is their raison-de-blog.

TigtogBob sez well worth a look.


Matilda said...

Congrats to both you and the Penis Lady! Both posts were excellent. I love reading the Tangled Banks, and I wish to contribute someday, but I'm so lazy that the things I write for always end up being old news by the time they come around.

tigtog said...

You definitely should, Ms Zombie Queen! I wouldn't worry too much about old news. All the research I covered in my post was old news, it's just in a newish context.

And although I've been keeping up with your LJ and ('tho not the latter since the great Firefox Bookmarks meltdown, so it's back again now, ta), I'd missed pointers to your Matilda-ing at Telecommunicultery, which is immediately going on to the blogroll.