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objectification 101 for fanboys

Flattering appreciation or skin-crawling creepiness?

UPDATE: belated hat-tip to Alas, a blog. Anyone who enjoyed this should try another of Ampersand's recommendations, Mad Melancholic Feminista: Sex and Gender in Firefly and Battlestar Galactica

And don't web networks operate in funny ways? I saw Ampersand's link, sent it to a mailing list I've been on for yonks, Stephan there forwarded it to TNH at Making Light, where BoingBoing saw it. Karen's comment thread already numbered well over a hundred long before BoingBoing linked to it, but I suspect it's about to go wild.

Feministe and Pandagon also have posts up on Karen's collection of mock-covers. There's a fine stoush going on in the comments at Feministe. And now Twisty's weighed in on the issue of supernutsacks.


flodnak said...

I'll go with skin-crawling creepiness.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go take a shower. A very hot shower. With a Brillo pad.

tigtog said...

I like Stephan's take on Miller's creepiness.

tigtog said...

Ha! My mate Stephan (in comment above) sent the link on to his editor at Tor, Teresa Neilsen Hayden, who put it up at her blog Making Light to the accompaniment of much hilarity, and now zuzu at Feministe also linked to the pics and is now taking flak in the comments thread for picking on comicgeeks. Congratulations Karen for generating such a strong and broad response!

Mentis Fugit said...

Amusing, yes, and point-making, but the deliberate conflation of primary and secondary sexual characteristics somewhat dulls the point. Throwing in "the package" ups the ante and strains the analogy.

The mock covers would be the equivalent of giving the female cover-art pronounced-to-excessive-to-ludicrous-to-grotesque camel-toes. (I don't doubt examples of that exist, mind you, I just think apples should be compared with apples, not plums. So to speak.)

tigtog said...

I had to think about this MF, because my immediate reaction was disagreement but couldn't articulate why.

I think it's to do with the virile power symbolised by the male package compared to the vulnerability symbolised by female nudity.

And yes, Frank Miller apparently has done across the staples in-story-art of cameltoes running wild, although not on the cover.

Mentis Fugit said...

Well what do I know: I almost burst out laughing when I clicked through.

TNH said...

Stephan is a clever fellow.

tigtog said...

Isn't he just?

Nice of you to drop by, Teresa.