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This just in: Heather Mills perhaps not totally evil

I just saw a picture similiar to this held up on telly on a UK tabloid-watch segment, and thought, (as one does with regard to this particular HM), "PR manipulating cow" - for years we've never seen a shot of you with a crutch, but now your marriage breaks up and here you are, a poor frail abandoned amputee.

But then unfortunately my physio brain kicked in. She's about to get on a plane. Stumps swell during flight, so that the prosthesis may well not grip so well as usual, and the pressure during walking will be more painful, and bottom-line: if I was an amputee I'd take a crutch to get around with post-flight too.

The more committed HM-haters might here say "aha! but this was taken pre-flight", which ordinarily might be an astute catch, but apparently she has had some minor surgery to her stump recently (this happens to amputees a lot) so she does actually have a valid excuse for using the crutch there too.

She still is annoying though, but maybe it's alright not to try to justify finding her annoying. Some people just are, and she is one of them.

Although... where's the kid? (probably much better off staying with Macca, natch)

Of course, there's always someone to not take stuff like this too seriously.

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